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TEKNA expands second metal powder production plant with $5.5M investment

TEKNA, a Canadian manufacturer of advanced material powders, announced this week it has drastically expanded its second powder production plant in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The expansion, realized through a $5.5 million investment, reportedly doubles the size of Tekna’s metallic powder facility.

The larger facility will enable TEKNA to ramp up its production in order to meet the growing demand for its business. More specifically, the recently inaugurated space will be utilized for the deployment of additional metal powder production units, as well as for new research efforts. A section of the new space will also be used to relocate part of Tekna’s administrative staff.

TEKNA CEO, Luc Dionne, added: “This expansion, which is part of our five-year growth plan, will increase our annual metal powder production capacity to over 1000 tonnes. Our world-class manufacturing infrastructure and our accreditations in terms of the strictest quality standards make Tekna a reliable partner that our clients can count on to ensure their current and future success.”

The news of Tekna’s recent growth further reinforces Canada’s increasing prominence in the metal powder market, and specifically the plasma atomized powder market. Other leading Canadian players in the industry are GE-owned AP&C and Pyrogenesis (incidentally all based in Quebec).

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