Iran 3D Show 2017

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With nearly 7 years past its emergence, the Iranian additive manufacturing industry is considered to be relatively new. After the establishment of the Advanced Materials Council (AMC), supporting the additive manufacturing technology was assigned to AMC. Development of “national document for additive manufacturing” and the “2017-2026 roadmap for the development of additive manufacturing “ were two major steps taken by AMC. This roadmap is the result of a series of meetings with companies, researchers and technology experts, in which the current and ideal state of technology, along with the maturity level of the value chain were assessed. The next natural step was to evaluate the status of the current printers and printing services in the country and try to establish a professional network. These plans were followed through the 3dSHOW 2017.


Exhibition 2017

The first nation-wide Iranian exhibition on additive manufacturing, called Iran 3D Show 2017, was organized by the Advanced Materials Council in collaboration with 3DFast Startup. This 3-day event was held in May 2017 in Tehran. During this period 31 delegations from six provinces presented their accomplishments, capacities, and products.  

In this exhibition, the status of the value chain and the domestic level of access to the technology were evaluated objectively for the first time. Moreover, domesticized 3d printing machines of various technologies such as SLS, SLM, FDM, DLP, SLA and Binder Jet were presented to over 3,000 visitors.


Scientific lectures

12 scientific lectures were delivered by pioneer researchers from academia and industries.


Best Iranian Printers Contest of 2017

A competition between Iran-made 3d printers was held in two categories. 15 extrusion based and resin-based machines competed for highest accuracy and speed. Especially designed benchmark parts were used to evaluate the quality and deposition rate and the participants were assessed based on various technical and commercial standards. 



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The second nation-wide event, which is to be held on December 14th-16th, 2018, aims to assess and aggregate existing capacities and establish a professional network between the players of this field. This event will be supervised and managed by the Advanced Materials Council (AMC) of Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology in three sections. Considering the growing trend of this technology in the country and the attention of the academic and research centers, this year's event will include a conference section. This is in addition to the previously announced exhibition and competition. Along with the event, keynote speeches will be delivered by lead scientists and technologists and the 3D printing contest, specially designed for teachers and students will be held at the same site.

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