Iran Institute of Additive Manufacturing

The additive manufacturing technology is considered to be one of the top ten disruptive technologies in the next decade. Owing to its interdisciplinary nature, additive manufacturing is related to mechatronic and materials engineering directly, while software engineering, civil engineering, architecture, and industrial design have their places in the value chain of the technology. The pace of growth of this technology is such that everybody in academia and industry has heard of its developments.  Considering the status of today’s technology AM will certainly be considered to be one of the strategic technologies in the developed countries in the near future. Iran Institute of Additive Manufacturing was established aiming for promotion and development of technology, services, and market in AM. This institute was founded in cooperation with the Faculty of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology. The Institute is proud to own one of the most advanced additive manufacturing production labs.

- Focused interdisciplinary research on the development of ceramic, polymer and composite components
- Provide rapid prototyping services (3D manufacturing lab)
- Development of services and commercialization of additive manufacturing technology
- Additive manufacturing Education and training for everybody






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The second nation-wide event, which is to be held on December 14th-16th, 2018, aims to assess and aggregate existing capacities and establish a professional network between the players of this field. This event will be supervised and managed by the Advanced Materials Council (AMC) of Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology in three sections. Considering the growing trend of this technology in the country and the attention of the academic and research centers, this year's event will include a conference section. This is in addition to the previously announced exhibition and competition. Along with the event, keynote speeches will be delivered by lead scientists and technologists and the 3D printing contest, specially designed for teachers and students will be held at the same site.

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